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Cornerstone Christian Center

Cornerstone Christian Center is dedicated to sharing the good news of living a life centered upon the example of Jesus Christ. We believe that all are worthy of God’s grace. We believe in substance abuse recovery through active participation in the resident’s spiritual growth, daily attendance of AA/NA twelve step meetings and progressive improvement of life skills in a residential setting.

Any adult male who is ready to seek help and is willing to accept direction to overcome his addiction may apply for the Cornerstone Program. Participation in our Program requires the prospective resident to be able to perform in the labor force and have no medical restrictions. CCC reserves the right to accept or reject any individual. There is No charge required, but upon the completion of the first thirty days of the 90 day program, a resident must seek and become gainfully employed.  Cornerstone will provide:
• Food, Clothing, Lodging
• Spiritual Guidance
• Life Skills Improvement
• Addiction Education
• Individual and Group Counseling
• GED and Literacy Opportunities
• 24 Hour Staff

Cornerstone Christian Center is a program of Alternative Community Penalties Program, Inc., a 501(c) 3 nonprofit charitable organization. All of ACPP, Inc. Programs are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who give guidance and establish policy for staff and program participants. The Board of Directors is responsible for oversight of staff, budget, and the annual independent audit.
• All Donations to Cornerstone Christian Center and ACPP, Inc. are Tax Deductible.
• Cornerstone Services are made available to all regardless of race or spiritual belief.

The Program
Cornerstone Christian Center operates its mission located at 400 East Fifth Street in Gastonia, NC. Organized in 1985 as a residential program for recovering adult male alcoholics, Cornerstone Christian has become a successful 90 day recovery program. The three phase program of interdenominational spiritual teachings, 12 step AA/NA structure, and life skills has proven to be a workable and effective model for recovery. Completion of the ninety day program is currently 40%, with the national average being 18% or less. While residing at Cornerstone, all residents are required to work in cooperation with staff to keep the Program operating smoothly. Attendance is mandatory for all instructional offerings which include:
• Daily Spiritual and NA/AA classes
• Clinical Counseling provided on site and through Partners Behavioral Health Management, (formerly Pathways), the local Mental Health Program
• All On Site Activities from volunteer Churches and Organizations

Cornerstone Christian Center and ACPP, Inc. are funded through the generous giving of local churches, business organizations, and individuals. Various grants are written annually for specific program and operational purposes and ACPP, Inc. is a partner agency with Partners Behavioral Health Management, (formerly Pathways), the local mental health program.

Why Should You Give To Support Cornerstone Christian Center?
We all know someone or have contact with someone who suffers from substance abuse addiction; a family member, a friend, a co-worker, or maybe a neighbor.
The facts are that 86% of the men in our prisons and jails, 50% of the patients in our hospitals, and nearly 90% of spousal abusers are addicted to alcohol or
drugs. Approximately 18% of the population of Gaston County is in active addiction. Cornerstone Christian Center offers the tools that are proven to be successful
in long term recovery and at a cost that is far less than:
• Prison or jail ($72.60 per day per man or: $26,500.00 minimum per year in NC)
• Hospital ($432.00 per day; National Average)
• Court Adjudication and Treatment for Spousal Abusers ($2,300.00 per man)

How Do You Participate?
If You, your Church, your Organization, your Business, or your Sunday School Class have been looking for a Mission Field, then you could find no greater field, so
close to your home, where the need is Greater than at Cornerstone Christian Center. Please,
• Keep Cornerstone in Your Daily Prayers
• Donate Funds in any amount
• Donate In-Kind Goods (Food, Paper Products, Hygiene Items, Clothing, etc.)

Checks/Money Orders may be sent to:
Cornerstone Christian Center
PO BOX 370, Gastonia, NC 28053-0370

By credit card or paypal
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