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Gaston County Court Services

The Gaston County Court Services Program began operations in July 1995 under the direction of A.C.P.P., Inc. This Program greatly enhances the safety of all Gaston County citizens, by providing Judges with the most current information on offenders who are in the jail. To accomplish this, Gaston County Court Services works with the Gaston County Sheriff’s Office, the District Attorney, the defense Bar, and the Judges to provide information such as, prior arrest records, property ownership, employment, victim statements, and failure to appear rates. The Program has proved especially valuable in the battle against domestic violence. The Program also identifies and corrects different types of problems, which clog the exchange of information within the system. The Program offers reporting levels that range from weekly to daily reporting, GPS location restriction and curfew, and Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) for both clients. Since 2006, Court Services has saved the taxpayers of Gaston County over 18 million dollars annually in Gaston County Jail incarceration costs.