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The Gaston County Restorative Justice Center

The Gaston County Restorative Justice Center is one of the innovative Programs operated by A.C.P.P., Inc. The R.J.C. opened its doors in July 1995 as a N.C. Criminal Justice Partnership Program. The RJC is a licensed outpatient substance abuse treatment center which provides both intensive and regular out-patient services free of charge to offenders assigned by the Courts. The Program also places offenders into in-patient programs when they cannot maintain sobriety in out-patient settings. The Program includes services for employment, substance abuse treatment and counseling, cognitive behavioral intervention (Thinking For A Change), and Moral Reconation Therapy. The RJC is the assessment, treatment, and linkage branch of Gaston County Court Services.

The R.J.C. incorporates all these services under one roof at 410 West Franklin Blvd. in Gastonia.

Goals of the Restorative Justice Center:

* To reduce recidivism by providing offenders with substance abuse treatment, employment services, and Cognitive Behavioral Intervention techniques, which will enable them to become functioning, responsible citizens.

* To enhance community safety in Gaston County by providing additional monitoring of the offender’s behavior through increased contact.

* To increase and insure compliance with Court ordered sanctions and punishments, thereby reducing probation revocations.